Our Mission
BlackPool is made up of an ambitious group of industry experts, crypto veterans and community builders, passionate about democratising access to new deals within the blockchain gaming industry, giving our community the opportunity to reap the rewards.
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Our Strategy
BlackPool actively scouts for early stage investments within the gaming ecosystem and matches promising gaming projects to participants in our community. We understand that a high level of specialisation is needed to maximise value creation and returns for the community. This is why we pick only the most promising projects to partner with.
Our Governance Token
$BPT is the token that powers our ecosystem and allows you to propose and participate in early stage deals, and network with the smartest people in the industry that are part of the BlackPool community.
blackpool token
Non-custodial: BlackPool digital assets are 100% held on-chain, providing full transparency to all parties involved.
Decentralized: BlackPool DAO is a decentralised organisation operating in the blockchain gaming world and catering to a new generation of builders and gamers. $BPT is its governance token.
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