Our Mission
BlackPool DAO owns and rents out a range of digital assets from play-and-earn game items to metaverse plots. It is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) built solely for on-chain gaming.
Blackpool TV
Our Strategy
BlackPool's strategy is simple: Identify, empower, and elevate gaming experiences that push boundaries. We're the thrill-seekers of GameFi, making moves where it counts— supporting the brave, the bold, and the brilliant.
Our Game Library
Sorare football, Sorare NBA, Sorare MLB, Big Time, Influence, Guild of Guardians, MetaFight, Cometh battle, Aavegotchi, etc.
The BlackPool Lab
The Lab is BlackPool's research & development arm, currently restructuring.
Non-custodial: BlackPool digital assets are 100% held on-chain, providing full transparency to all parties involved.
Decentralized: BlackPool DAO is a decentralised organisation operating in the blockchain gaming world and catering to a new generation of gamers. $BPT is its governance token.
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