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Our Mission
BlackPool is the world's first on-chain quantitative hedge fund for digital assets. We combine market analysis, quantitative strategies, and a vast network of founders, to generate yield with NFTs in the most efficient way.
Our Strategy
BlackPool’s deep roots and network in the space allows us to scout early stage investments opportunities and reap the rewards by attracting the most talented managers in each vertical.
Our Game Library
Sorare football, Sorare Baseball, Sorare Basketball, Immortal game, Big Time, MetaFight, Cometh, Aavegothi.
The BlackPool Lab
The Lab is BlackPool’s research & development arm. It serves three purposes: supporting our strategic decisions, incubating new gaming verticals and providing advisory services.
Non-custodial: BlackPool assets are 100% held on-chain, providing full transparency to all parties involved.
Decentralized: BlackPool DAO is a decentralized organization built on top of the BlackPool Hedge Fund. $BPT is its governance token.
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