Welcome to BlackPool Troops, the guild of BlackPool HQ

We manage a variety of gaming NFTs and virtual land parcels, which our Troop members can use to earn when playing games that are part of our fund.

BlackPool Troops was born to help players monetise time spent playing games. Our fund has an ever growing stack of high yielding NFTs, that we lease to our Troop members. You can also use your own NFTs and play for one of our Troops.

Every game has a Troop Lead and all members of the Troop get to work directly with the Troop Lead. The Troop Lead is responsible for vetting, training, account setup and earnings distributions to Troop members.

The overarching goal of BlackPool Troops is to lower the entry barriers to participate in blockchain games and help onboard more people to the play-and-earn revolution.

If you are interested in joining one of our Troops as an individual or as a guild, click below and fill out your details!