BlackPool Academy

BlackPool Academy is the scholarship division of BlackPool HQ, where it’s NFTs are utilised by scholars to generate yield. The Academy was established to help more players monetise their time in-game, by investing in specific NFTs that can be leased to gamers via “scholarships”.

The Academy manages a trove of game-related NFTs, digital assets and virtual land parcels, which can be used by scholars to create earnings in play-to-earn games, for themselves and for BlackPool. Scholars report to managers, who are responsible for their vetting, training, account assignment and earnings distribution. In this way, BlackPool Academy lowers the cost-of-entry barrier to accessing these yield-generating NFTs and helps onboard more people to the play-to-earn revolution.

Scholarship Programs

As part of the BlackPool Academy, BlackPool offers a Scholarship Management Service (SMS). The SMS allows individual sponsors to lend assets to Scholars while receiving a fair share of the rewards.

Revenue Share
Revenue Share
NFT Sponsor